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Personal Health Platform

A shared platform designed for healthcare institutions, users, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and health insurance companies

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Peer to peer storage System

A distributed system which permits to connect and share data securely by providing an organized network through a peer to peer ecosystem

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Real-time IOT Device Monitoring

Wearable or IOT devices can allow users to collect data in real time by  monitoring their health, thus facilitating  diagnosis and personal records

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What we do

Sana is a distributed system that uses blockchain and peer to peer technology to "connect" healthcare institutions with users through a single channel. Our P2P architecture allow to share and provide information in a fast & secure way by delivering access and control of health data.

Our focus is an every increasing connection with customers, achieved by expanding our network and offering customized services at every involved healthcare provider in Switzerland.

Institutions need to evolve their approach about how they manage patient data, We are witnessing a growing revolution driven mostly by how health management and relevant information are handled.

Sana provides Digital Governance of personal data: allowing each patient, doctor and institution to exchange information in an easy and secure way

This provides a significant opportunity for innovation, Healthcare providers and users will at last start to be better connected with each other, thus facilitating care and management.

Our system include:

  • Complete record of user’s medical history
  • Access and control of your health data
  • Data Ownership on user’s information
  • Real-time values from IOT Device
  • Insurance Management
  • ePrescription
  • Find and book best Doctor online
  • Interoperability with existing providers infrastructure
  • Online Store
  • Plug & play Architecture
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Why choose Sana?

With our architecture, we deliver your data to you.

Health data that are contained in traditional systems are siloed and difficult to share with others because of their variation in formats and standards. They are stored across servers in different physical locations and same data are represented differently in the database, causing incompatibility. This fundamental way in which data is stored is unsuitable. Because of this, stakeholders are forced to keep their own records because there is no single true version. Sharing this data securely becomes a time consuming and costly affair.

users can finally start to manage personal data, authorize specific doctors or institutions to access their profile, make an appointment or check vital information, Every record persists in the distributed network, thus providing fundamental security and restore functionalities

Sana is open for everyone, every health institution or user can join the network.

Customized Profile

In Switzerland, patients have multiple healthcare providers and critical health information is distributed across institutions. A personalised profile can save time by having all important health data consolidated in one place.

Data Monitoring

A user’s profile always updated for doctor’s support. Through interactive devices, we can help to improve medical services by providing real-time data.

Medical History

A complete history of user’s personal health, medical condition and medication which empowers organization of all necessary information in a structured way.


A single medical record always up to date, preventing chronic diseases and facilitating health information to any doctor.


Improve efficiency by organizing and speeding up data delivery, use specific tools to manage your institution.


Better organization for appointments and patient's health status always updated.


Automate refund, avoid fraud and provide more services, such as telemedicine.

Elderly Home

Constant access to user’s state of health with emergency notification from connected devices.


Avoid consumption of drugs versus existing treatments, use e-prescriptions and sell your products online

A System For Everyone

A Simplified, yet secure access to medical records from anywhere, users can finally decide where and with whom to share their data within the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Distributed Healthcare System

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The goal of SANA is to create an ecosystem where healthcare data and assets are secure, tamperproof and interoperable for every party involved .


Some data about healthcare in Switzerland

Healthcare costs keep rising, we need to start a digital transformation to reduce them


Million paper annually


Million GB annually


Billion Total Health Expenditure per year in Switzerland


CHF annual cost per abitant

Secure Token Offering

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Sana Token Offering it's officially approved by Swiss law

In cooperation with Sana will soon start a Secure Token Offering where you have the opportunity to purchase and manage your participation in our company.

We decided to make a STO allowing any person to contribute in the innovation of this sector. There is a big lack of communication whitin Swiss healthcare ecosystem, with your contribution Sana will have the foundation to work as a Bridge thus taking the chance to develop further focused services

Sana Tokens are traditional shares issued and maintained in a digital form on Ethereum blockchain, all transfers and settlement of such shares are recorded on the blockchain.

We are proud to be among the first Companies in [] Swiss healthcare sector that is digitizing shares on the blockchain

More info about token - sale available soon

Check how it works


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We provide medical and hardware devices in cooperation with strategic partners. Equipments are designed to have many functional uses. Every device is synchronized with the system, you can check their status in a special section and start to manage your health data on the platform.


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We are developing a platform dedicated to doctors and patients capable of covering all the necessary functions for any Swiss provider

The dashboard is mainly designed to organize your health ecosystem, take control of your information and start managing them yourself


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Whitepaper Available Soon

Our Team

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Ivan Bernaschina

CEO / Co Founder

Adriano Meyer

CTO / Co Founder

Angelo Sanker

Full Stack Developer

Roberto Alfieri

Full Stack Developer

Alessandro Romano

Full Stack Developer

Sidharth Ramesh

Blockchain Expert

Emanuele Gueye

Marketing Communication Manager

Giovanni Ugo Altieri

R&D of medical device, Q&O

Paolo Bruno

WebRTC and IoT Device Expert

Silvia Petruzzino


Pavel Vasilevski

STO Legal


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Frequently asked questions

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1. Aren’t gateway nodes acting as a middleman?

No. Every transaction made by the client will include the client signature and the gateway cannot make transactions that are not intended by the client. These signatures are stored on the distributed ledger for other members to verify if in doubt. Moreover, gateways can be run by anyone and if you do not trust a gateway, you can set up your own.

2. Isn’t hosting in the cloud against decentralization?

The gateway can be run on your own server on-premise or on the cloud. For members with a decent server setup, it is always better to run a gateway on their own servers. For the rest, running a gateway on the cloud provides various benefits like better availability, faster network speeds and reliability. Although the cloud infrastructure may be owned by giants like AWS or Google Cloud, the private keys for the instance will always be owned by different organizations that have different interests. So, unless the cloud provider decides to use their power to hack into and access and manipulate the gateway nodes in a meaningful way, the setup is as decentralized as running the nodes on premises.

3. What if only few nodes take part on consensus?

Since only a few nodes in the network take part in the consensus cluster, doesn’t it threaten the security of the blockchain network? There is a trade-off between the security of the network and the speed of transactions. While technically the network can be set up such that every member is a participant in the consensus cluster, this will add a lot of overhead and make the transactions slower to commit. The tradeoff here is assigning a few trusted competing members with different interests run the consensus node. This ensures that they do not all collude together.

4. How clients can own their data?

The clients will always be the true owner of their data. This is because all the data is encrypted by the client before it reaches the gateway. The only way to decrypt or add permissions on the ledger is to use the private key, which belongs solely to the client.