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SANA was also present this year in Davos (Switzerland), during the World Economic Forum to talk about distributed healthcare system and blockchain perspectives. The WEF in Davos, founded in 1971, was the perfect place for our start-up, to show how we can «improve the state of the world; making the world a better, a healthier place».

The subject of this year was about the Globalisation 4.0. As usual, the forum attracted public figures such as leaders and distinguished guests, among them: Sir David Attenborough, Shinzo Abe, Angela Merkel, Jacinda Ardern and Britain’s Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, who was discussing his work on mental health as a key topic this year in Davos during WEF Annual Meeting 2019.

We participated at the Caspian Week, Russian House, Crypto Valley Labs, Consensys and many other important conference places. We had the chance to follow multiple conferences about: Biotech, Health Care, Digital Information and Artificial Intelligence in Blockchain, at meetings with Dr. Y. A. Birtanov, Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dr. Mouad Lamrani, Director of Menicon Co, Switzerland and Marcel Muenster, Founder & Director, The Gritti Fund, from Cambridge USA.

In addition, it was interesting to follow the conference about Artificial Intelligence called “Big picture shared by experts for the everyday person”. A hands-on explainer session on what AI is really all about in layman terms. Get the big picture, the key implications and good examples of AI that’s live today, from top practitioners with experts in the community.

One event in particular got our attention too: “The Future of Healthcare and Mobility: what is next?” A forward-looking discussion on the future of mobility and the implications for the healthcare industry in the digital age. A session with great leaders such as James Peyer, Managing Partner, Apollo Ventures, Charles Rockefeller and Viktoriya Tigipko, Founder/ Managing Partner, TA Ventures Register.

We had the great opportunity to present our work between blockchains and health-care to leaders of today.

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